Tips For Buying A New House By The River.

Tips for buying a new house by the river.

Are you looking to buy a new house by the river? Before you do, there are a few things that one should consider.

Living by the riverside is always an awesome experience. The freshness of the air that comes with it and the serenity of the environment is something most of us would really trade in for. Rivers will always offer convenience in terms of the borders and boundaries amongst properties. Rivers also come with amazing adventure if you are lucky. These could include:

The Pros of the House by The River:

Cool Environs: Days living by the riverside are characterized by very cool environments full of life. There is an element of being refreshed on a daily basis.

Swimming: There is something about swimming in the river that you never get in a normal swimming pool. If you enjoy swimming and your house by the river has a nice spot for taking a dip, I assure you, you won’t want the moments to end.

Fishing for sport: Imagine spending a weekend afternoon with your grandkids catching tilapia by the riverbanks?

Just relax and chill: After a long day’s work, there is a certain relaxation that comes with dipping your feet in the flowing water. I tend to think of it as
therapeutic in every way. A walk along the riverbank will do a lot of good as

Evergreen Environs: It goes without saying that there will plenty of plants by the
river. This brings with it plenty of oxygen. Healthy living associated with
breathing very clean air is worth every penny spent to buy a house by the

Irrigation: Do you enjoy farming for fun? Owning a house by the river gives you an opportunity to farm for fresh vegetables and flowers. Water for irrigation is abundant all year long.


The Cons:

Malaria: Mosquitoes thrive well in water sports and rivers will always offer a breeding spot for the malaria-causing mosquitoes.
Risky animals: Depending on the locations, small animals
like snakes and frogs might be common and some rare cases, crocodiles. 

Flooding and Erosion: Some rivers may be prone to flooding during the rainy season. Erosion has a way of messing up with the boundaries and the natural aesthetics of the land.

Ownership of the River

It is important to note that, flowing rivers cannot be owned by any particular person. It is however probable that one can acquire rights over a river. These rights may include fishing rights and the soil on the riverbed. In cases of a shared river bank, it will be assumed that owners of the house by the river on both sides of the river have the ability to own the rights for soil on the bed and the fishing right to the middle of the river from their side of the house by the river. Basically, this is a shared right in a way. This is commonly referred to as “The ad medium
filum presumption”. 
Owning the rights to a river does not mean owning the river. The river remains open for public use, especially the navigable rivers.

What does a house by the river come with?

By buying the house by the river, you end up with a front row seat view of the waterfront. The property is prime, just like owning a beachfront property, you have less external interference from the public.

The Responsibilities of owning a house by the river

Owning a house by the river comes with responsibilities. You will be responsible for the riverbed that you own and the rights you hold for the sections of the river. You will not be allowed to carry out activities that end up polluting, obstructing or diverting the river. Disposal of wastes into the river is not only an offence by itself but unethical and careless. Movement of fish inside the water should not be
restricted. Therefore, you cannot build structures on the river that will hinder
the movement of the fish inside the river. As the riparian owner (One who owns a
section of the riverbed) you will be required to:

  • Maintain and trim the bushes, trees and shrubs that will be growing on the riverbanks.
  • Keep the riverbanks trash free.
  • Collect the bodies of dead animals from the river and its banks.
  • Ensure no invasive species like weeds are growing on the riverbanks you own. You have to take control of them before they spread.
  • No development should be done along the edges of the river.
  • Ensure no damage to animals and wildlife that will be living along the river section that you own.




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